Reasons to go to the Supermarket for Food Suppliers

The health benefits of foods are just amazing. The more you add healthy and nutritious foods to your diet, the more you feel healthy and wise. The health benefits of foods will definitely motivate you to run to the supermarket to find out the one of the best Food Suppliers.

Regardless of Adults, Babies, and Kids everyone should add healthy foods such as Farm Products – Grains, Fruits etc, Fish & Fish Products, Poultry, Meat & Animal Products to their diet. The benefits are just incredible. What you need now is to know which fruits you should take more. Or which fruits give the maximum benefits.

The truth is that you need to take healthy foods anyway. Most of the foods are ready to eat without cooking or preparing. Take Horticulture – Flowers, Plants & Related Products, Livestock, Poultry, Meat & Animal Products, Processed Food & Beverages Products & By Products just enjoy them readily.  Always have fresh and nutritious foods available at home or through Food Suppliers.  In case of availability, you can a good choice.

The children are now prone to take poor nutritional diet like highly processed food which threats to their future health. But eating more healthy and tasty foods help to keep children away from the processed food. Foods which are low in fat, calories, and have the key nutrients to help your child to grow. Fruit helps protect you from illnesses.

But healthy and nutritious foods are not always available equally everywhere.


Fishery products plays an important role in shaping, harvesting and using of fish in the field of Global Trade and so, it will be a significant part of a transition to sustainable fisheries. Amazing Food and Travel is one of the leading suppliers and importers of different types fish and fish products. Such as, Canned Fish, Canned Seafood, Canned Shellfish, Crabs, Dried Fish, Dried Seafood, Dried Shellfish, Fish, Fillets Lobsters & Other Sea Creatures, Fish Eggs, Fish Maw, Fishmeal, Fresh Abalone, Fresh Anchovy Fish, Fresh Barracuda Fish, Fresh Basa Fish, Fresh Carp Fish, Fresh Catfish, Fresh Clams, Fresh Crabs, Fresh Crayfish, Fresh Croaker Fish, Fresh Cuttlefish, Fresh Eel, Fresh Emperor Fish, Fresh Fish Fillets, Fresh Grouper Fish, Fresh Hake Fish, Fresh Hilsa Fish, Fresh Katla Fish, Fresh King Fish, Fresh Lobsters and many more.

Fish products processed and offered as fresh have a relatively short shelf-life. Depending on the quality of the fish and the conditions of storage, the shelf-life can be as short as a few days or as long as several weeks. Typical fresh products include fillets, whole drawn, headed and other meat cuts. There is a direct correlation between the temperature of fresh fish products and the shelf-life.

For maximum shelf-life, fish should be stored at temperatures near the freezing point of water (i.e., 0 °C). At this point the flesh will not freeze, but bacterial and enzymatic activities will be minimized. As storage temperatures rise above 0 °C, bacterial and enzymatic activities can increase significantly, dramatically shortening the shelf-life. Where applicable, crushed ice is used to hold fresh fish. The ice maintains the desired temperature of the fish. Water from the melting ice ‘washes’ microorganisms from the product, thus extending shelf-life. Little or no sophisticated packaging is required for the product. Most fin fish can be processed for fresh markets.


Amazing Food and Travel is one of the renowned suppliers and importers around the world. This company supplies huge amount of fishes and fish products around the world. Such as, Frozen Anchovy Fish, Frozen Barracuda Fish, Frozen Basa Fish, Frozen Carp Fish, Frozen Catfish, Frozen Clams, Frozen Crabs, Frozen Crayfish, Frozen Croaker Fish, Frozen Cuttlefish, Frozen Eel, Frozen Emperor Fish, Frozen Fish, Frozen Fish Eggs, Frozen Fish Fillets, Frozen Grouper Fish, Frozen Hake Fish, Frozen Hilsa Fish, Frozen Katla Fish, Frozen King Fish, Frozen Lobsters, Frozen Mackerel Fish, Frozen Mahi Mahi Fish, Frozen Mullet Fish, Frozen Octopus, Frozen Oysters, Frozen Pomfret Fish, Frozen Prawns, Frozen Ribbon Fish, Frozen Rohu Fish, Frozen Sail Fish, Frozen Salmon Fish, Frozen Sardine Fish, Frozen Scallops, Frozen Sea Cucumber, Frozen Seafood, Frozen Seashells, Frozen Abalone and many more.

Here are a few fishes which we supply extensively:

Top Quality Swordfish (Xiphias Gladius)

Swordfish is a great source of selenium, a micronutrient which is considered as significant components of cancer-fighting and heart-health advantages. This fish is protein-rich and full of niacin, vitamin B12, zinc, and Omega-3. And above all, it is low in calories and fat. A swordfish is also a guilt-free option.

Top Quality Canned Tuna

Tuna Fish is a good source of high-quality protein but practically, it contains no fat. It covers all essential amino acids required by the body for mass and repairing of lean muscle tissue. Canned tuna can be a rich source of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, with 150 milligrams or more extended per four-ounce portion

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