Foods Suppliers – Avoiding Inaccuracies

Some Whole Foods suppliers are claiming that they are losing business because the popular grocery store stopped carrying minimum order amounts and stopped paying for shipping costs, as reported by Business Insider. At least two of these claim that they would not fill orders from Whole Foods even if the price of delivery was greater than the value of their goods. In an attempt to retain customers, some Whole Foods stores are beginning to offer “pre-packed” foods in addition to the items that can be individually purchased. Although these types of foods are becoming more common, some consumers are concerned about being able to precisely measure the ingredients of these pre-packaged foods.

Another issue with these types of foods is that many of them have been developed using low quality ingredients, which often results in them requiring additional processing. These processing steps can increase the price of the package or item. One company that is being scrutinized in this area is Silk Road Organics, a California-based company that sells organic and farmer’s co-op grocery items.

The company is under investigation by the state of California, which is looking into possible fraud. Whole Foods itself is not under investigation; however, it is currently under review as a result of an article written by Consumer Reports’ Nancy Giles. According to Giles, she saw packaging materials from one of these companies at a restaurant she was at. She stated that the plastic containers said that the product inside was from Whole Foods, but when she ate the food, she could tell right away that it was not. This caused many people to be upset, especially after reading the articles in Consumer Reports and Food & Wine Magazine.

Many of the people who are upset about the situation at Whole Foods cite the quality of the foods themselves as the reason that they decided to stop ordering from the company. They are upset because of the increased cost and the lack of quality of the foods. This company is not under investigation and it looks like the public is simply being misled by deceptive statements being made on their packaging.

We see these types of situations all too often in today’s society and it can lead to some very unfortunate outcomes. There are always going to be stories in the news about food suppliers that are found to be in violation of federal and state law. The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for ensuring that all foods are safe for human consumption. If this is not happening then there may be a problem with one of your foods suppliers. You should check with the FDA immediately and have your food supplies tested to ensure the safety of your family.

It is important that consumers are aware that if they find any foods suppliers in violation of any regulations that they contact the appropriate authorities and have them removed from their market. You should never feel threatened or intimidated by what you are reading or seeing. In most cases these violations occur through negligence or inattention on the part of the food supplier. You should be able to work with your food suppliers to ensure that the product that you are purchasing is as safe for you and your family as possible.